Activity Report

2022.05.09  ANTOR-JAPAN General Meeting 2022 Vol.04 & Networking Party
                      (At MARUNOUCHI BASE 2F)

2022.04.05  ANTOR-JAPAN General Meeting 2022 Vol.03 (Online)
                     Guest Speaker from Qatar Airways

2022.02.17  ANTOR-JAPAN General Meeting 2022 Vol.02 (Online)
                     Guest Speaker from OTOA

2022.02.01  ANTOR-JAPAN Renewal of the WEBSITE 
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2022.01.13  ANTOR-JAPAN General Meeting 2022 Vol.01 (Online) 

2022.01.10  Notice of postponement ofANTOR-JAPAN SHINENKAI
                   New Year Party 2022 
新年会2022 開催延期のお知らせ】

2022.01.03   Announcement for ANTOR-JAPAN New Board Members

2022.01.01  A Happy New Year 2022!! ​
                    Greetings of the Chairman on Travel Vision