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駐 日 外 国 政 府 観 光 局 協 議 会


A. “Let’s go KAIGAI! 2016” ACTIVITY:


The Association exists for the exchange of views on matters of mutual concern and interest within the major foreign promotional sector of the travel industry can express its views. As the aim to increase the number of Japanese tourists to abroad ANTOR-JAPAN created a special event “Let’s go KAIGAI!” in 2006 to celebrate its 40th anniversary. “Let's go KAIGAI! 2016” has been held in collaboration with several events.

1. May 16th: Let’s go Kaigai! Conference at Tokyo Metropolitan Government bureau of Taxation. ​

A Conference has been held for young public officials to increase their interest for traveling abroad and develop their global view and skills.

2.May 20th -22nd: Cruise Festa 2016 at Harumi passenger terminal.


- 10,603 visitors in 2 days. (1st day: 4,593 visitors and 2nd day: 6,010 visitors.)

- Cruise Festa Vol. 1 ended in success.

- Planetarium, fashion show, seminars and talk shows were held at the venue.

- Main target: Family, senior, cruiser fans and travelers’ repeaters.

- ANTOR-JAPAN has distributed members’ destination brochures:

Special thanks for participants who have sent us brochures such as:

Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia, Czech Tourist Authority,

Singapore Tourism Board, Department of Tourism Tokyo Office

Philippines Embassy, Visit Flanders, Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions.

- Visitors were interested to get destination’s information related with cruise trip.

3.June 3rd: Tabihaku 2016 pre-event at Kansai International Airport.


ANTOR-JAPAN participated in seminar to exchange opinions.

4.June 4th -5th: Tabihaku 2016 at Kansai International Airport.


- ANTOR-JAPAN’s booth has been set for “Peace movement 21” activities.

- We have collected peace messages which are on our website.

5.July 2nd: Let's go Kaigai! 2016 at Tokyo City i.


- ANTOR-JAPAN organized the yearly event “Let’s go Kaigai!” in collaboration with local government.  

- Exhibitors from ANTOR-JAPAN: Czech Tourist Authority, Hungarian National Tourist Office,

South African Tourism, Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, Tourism Authority of Thailand,

Marianas Visitors Authority, Department of Tourism Tokyo Office Philippines Embassy and

Slovenian Tourist Board.

- Exhibitors from Japanese prefectures: Kanto Area, Shizuoka and Kyushu Area.

- A mini stage has been set at the venue for 10-15min presentation of each destinations.

- Customers participated in the lottery after collecting 10 stamps by visiting each booth (table).

*For more details, please refer to the “Let’s go Kaigai! 2016” report.




An activity to spread the idea of the tourism = a peace industry.

We are collecting peace messages which are displayed on our website and facebook (=more than 500 messages) .


Many of those who were caught in the disaster are travelers from overseas who lack basic supplies. Therefore, we have launched an initiative to collect monetary and material donations towards helping these victims.


The goals of this initiative are to offer assistance to victims, in Kumamoto as well as other parts of the Kyushu region that were affected by the disaster, and help overseas travel operations resume in these areas as soon as possible. Your donations will directly support those who are unable to go home or travel outside Japan from their current locations, as well as local businesses that are involved with overseas travel.



1.General meetings has been held for several opinions exchange with Active Members and Allied Members.

Active Members   37 organizations

Allied Members   39 organizations

Total   76 organizations

2.February 29th: ANTOR-JAPAN 50th ANNIVERSARY RECEPTION at Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown


ANTOR-JAPAN is a voluntary, non-profitable, and non-political association of the representatives of foreign national tourist organizations established in 1966 and is now counting 50 countries and regions. This year we celebrate 50th Anniversary of ANTOR-JAPANANTOR-JAPAN will continue promoting peace and exchange tourism as a notion, with the focus on young generations. As an organization ANTOR-JAPAN aims to influence the future of Japan on the positive side through "travel" and "tourism". In fact, for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 and hopefully for similar events in the next 50 years, we will collaborate with local governments, schools and cooperation in the private sector in implementing various seminars and events for better understanding of this notion of world tourism. With the help of everyone present tonight, we would like to boost the travel industry and thus create a wide base of broadly educated people who will creatively add to further economic development and internationalization of Japan. For the future of Japan and for coming generations, from this year ANTOR-JAPAN aim to: "ANTOR-JAPAN Travel for the Next!".



■17:45   Doors Open

■18:00   Speech by Mr. Edouard Tripkovic Katayama, ANTOR-JAPAN Chairman

■18:10   Toast by Mr. Hiroki Hirakawa, Senior manager of Marketing & Sales Planning from ANA

■18:15   Reception

■18:45   50th Anniversary Reception photo session with Ambassadors, embassy’s staffs,

■00:00   NTO representatives, allied members and other guests.

■19:30   Interview to University Students about their purpose of traveling abroad.

■20:00   Closing

3.December 6th : ANTOR-JAPAN 50th ANNIVERSARY & CHRISTMAS PARTY 2016 at Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown


Travel and tourism are connecting people and allowing better understanding of different cultures and traditions. It is also an important economic generator reaching almost 10% of world’s GDP and forecasted to continue growing in coming decades. With the development of technology, traveling became much easier and gives us opportunity reaching every point in the planet.


Tourism is also a Peace Industry and I believe we all agree it is of highest importance to act for world peace against conflicts and terrorism. That’s the reason last year we launched ‘Antor Peace Movement 21’, stressing the importance of peace, not only in tourism industry but for the overall of our being.


Christmas is a symbol of love and tonight we will celebrate it together. Japan is one of rare, if not unique country in the world, accepting and celebrating major world festivities despite religious or cultural differences, and we may say it is a great example for all of us.


Communication, exchange and collaboration are necessary to achieve better understanding between people and from this year we started active collaboration with local governments to increase awareness of inbound and outbound travel. In other words, people-to-people exchanges make two-ways tourism. And this time, it is a great pleasure to have been able to collaborate with Okinawa prefecture.


This year we are celebrating Antor-Japan 50th Anniversary and with the help of everyone present tonight, we would like to boost the tourism industry in Japan and create a highly educated human resources for the further development. For the next 50 years, ANTOR-JAPAN will continue appealing peace and world tourism and put focus to the young generations.



■18:30          Door Open

■19:00          Opening

■19:05          Speech by Edouard Tripkovic Katayama, ANTOR-JAPAN Chairman

■00:00          Speech by His Excellency Mr. Manlio Cadelo, Ambassador Extraordinary

■00:00          and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of San Marino

■00:00          Speech by Mr. Norikazu Higa, Director General of Okinawa Prefectural Government Tokyo Office

■19:20          Photo session (Ambassadors/VIP together

■00:00          Toast by Mr. Noor Azlan Abu Bakar, ANTOR-JAPAN Director

■19:30          Dinner (Buffet Style)

■20:00          Music Performance by Ms. Makiko Miyara (Sanshin)

■00:00          Talk session about Okinawa with Mr. Edouard Tripkovic Katayama

■00:00          Surprise Karate performance by Mr. Akihito Yagi

■20:30          Christmas Music live by Ms. Gow

■20:40          Lottery

■21:00          Closing


Thank you for your support, for your kind attention and your collaboration.

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