ANTOR-JAPAN launched a project based on peace which becomes a historical movement.



“Tourism = Peace Industry”. It is not only between people but beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna, rich culture considering it  from an Earth perspective. It is also important to develop Tourism in the 21st century as view of the soul.”



「ANTOR PEACE MOVEMENT 21」 has been created for better understanding and development of global tourism. It is the first time in Japan that Directors of National Tourist Offices (NTO) and Ambassadors of each country will take the leadership to send peace messages from  Japan to the world.



We also plan to participate at in several events to make a tie-up with Unesco World Heritage sites, museums, universities and major events in the world. Each governmental institution and Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 will be in the field of the vision to spread Peace Movement to the world.  


To strive for the promotion of Peace activity, we actively promote peace messages and art works. To realize it, we will create an ANTOR PEACE MOVEMENT 21 “Brand Logo” which will be shared with all ANTOR Associations in  the world. Brand Logo will be used from April 1st , 2015 and will appear in all events which ANTOR-JAPAN organizes. All works and messages which convey peace will have use of the Brand Logo.  It will be used  also  on internet as well as  different events and will drive forward the effects of Peace activities in each part of the world. 



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