The Association of National Tourist Office Representatives in Japan (ANTOR-JAPAN) – previously known as F.G.T.O. – is a voluntary, non-profitable, and non-political association of the representatives of foreign national tourist organizations. It was established in 1966. The Association exists for or the exchange of views on matters of mutual concern and interest within the major foreign promotional sector of the travel industry can express its views. It also assists in improving operational techniques and standards of travel destination marketing by providing a non-commercial (and collective) viewpoint. Recently, provision was made for allied members so as to encourage a more direct liaison and exchange with commercial organizations in travel industry. Through its direct activities-such as symposiums, guest speakers at meetings, and participation in many travel industry events. ANTOR can be regarded as a substantial contributor to the expansion and internationalization of the Japanese travel industry.


We are glad to announce  the New Board Members of ANTOR-JAPAN: 

- Chairman:

Mr. Frederic Mazenq

Director in Japan, Atout France, France Tourism Development Agency

- Vice Chairman:


Regional Manager Asia and Australia, Germany National Tourist Office

- Directors:

Mr. Fumihiro Sakakibara

General Manager, Macao Government Tourism Office


Created in 1966, ANTOR-JAPAN aims at strengthening the growth of outbound tourism from Japan to the world by uniting the travel and tourism trade around the tourism institutions of leading countries in the field of international tourism. Tourism is obviously a major industry, but it’s not just any industry. We think that developing international tourism leads to a better understanding and appreciation of various nations and cultures and thus plays a vital part in making the world a better, safer, friendlier place for all. 

Even though traveling abroad exerts a very positive influence on all nations and cultures, interacting with foreign countries is not always easy, and leaving one’s comfort zone to go and see the world can be intimidating for many. ANTOR-JAPAN has a big role to play in creating more motivation to travel in the Japanese public and more business opportunities for the association’s members. 

We would like to message of understanding and peace and constitutes a great time to meet, to share experiences and to discuss how we can advance those goals together through 2019. 

We highly appreciate your attention and cooperation. 


Sincerely yours,


Frederic Mazenq